How consciousness can help you connect with your body, your baby and enjoy your motherhood journey!




You CAN have

a low-risk pregnancy,

a quick delivery and

a sleeping baby!

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Trust me- I feel your pain!



Getting pregnant wasn't easy for us, and I learned so much along the way!



...and what I learned, is transformational!

It literally transformed my life!



In time it brought me my three precious babies after the grief of miscarriages.



I was becoming overwhelmed with miscarriages and mental health concerns.

I knew there had to be a better way!



I began to learn about the power of our breath, consciousness and energy!

Then it all changed for the better!



...we got pregnant!



& I was able to connect with my body, and my baby!




I was able to be be present and find moments of joy. I was able to enjoy being pregnant!




I've been holding these stories and insights in for waaaayyy too long and now I need to share it with you!

So hang in there! Here's sending a giant hug your way until we can connect!




If it was possible for me- it is defiantly possible for you!




This is for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed with the inability to get and/or keep a pregnancy

  • Your relationships are being strained with from the weight of this stress

  • You have tried EVERYTHING, yet you know there has got to be a way!

  • You are feeling overwhelmed with given health concerns

  • You want to connect with your body and your baby!
  • You are ready to be honest with yourself- like brutally honest!

  • You are open to a new perspective

  • You are ready to embrace this next chapter in your life

  • You are committed to showing up for yourself

  • You are tired of the same patterns in your life

  • You cannot remember the last time you laughed hysterically

  • You are ready to join a community of like minds









I want to have a healthy baby!


 I'm Thea Willette

Always wanting lots of kids, we began "trying" as soon as we got married and it was within months I was shocked by a miscarriage!

Honestly- "no big deal" I thought at the time. You hear woman have miscarrisges all the time. I didn't want to make a "big deal" about it. Yet as the months continued and each cycle continued, the weight and pain of that miscarriage began to grow. 

I'm grateful to share that in time I did go on to have 3 beautiful children! It wasn't a straight and easy path. There were two more miscarriages in there- health concerns, medications, doctor appointments, a lot of anger, lots of tears, lots of space to love.

"I had given up. After multiple miscarriages I couldn't handle the pain and stress. We had worked with 3 different fertility clinics. After Thea told me her story, we decided to give it another shot. I couldn't be more excited- we're 22 weeks pregnant with our first!! Not only did we get pregnant naturally, I now have an expanded awareness and joy for life"

- Chloe

"This work blew me away. I had no idea all the emotions I was unable to feel.
This process has taught me so much and showed me that its safe to feel my feelings. I can now use this process as challenging emotions come up. I know my baby is there, just waiting for the right moment to join us.
I grateful to have met Thea and work this her, thankyou!""

- Marie

"If I'm being honest, I had no idea I was holding onto emotions from when I was little. Thea was able to identify a time in my childhood where I wasn't able the feel the anger.
Using the steps, I was able to process that anger and reach a new level of compassion for myself."

- Katie




Sunday June 26,

8:00pm EST



How consciousness

can help you connect with your body, your baby and enjoy your motherhood journey!




You CAN have

a low-risk pregnancy,

a quick delivery and

a sleeping baby!



Join us for this free event where I'll share the EXACT MODEL that led me to enjoying my three healthy babies!



I have every reason to believe that if its worked for me and other women, it can work for you too!



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